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The Tullahoma Virtual Academy (TVA) opened in August of 2021 as the eighth Tullahoma City School and currently serves students in grades 9-12 who reside within the Tullahoma City School district. Though the virtual option offered to families during the 2020-2021 school year taught us a great deal about virtual learning and solidified the need for TCS to establish a virtual school, the discussion had actually begun long before. TVA provides alternatives to the brick and mortar school building as well as the traditional school schedule. All of our courses are delivered asynchronously online. In other words, we offer on-demand learning. Students may engage in virtual classes according to the schedule they set for themselves, which provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and ownership of the educational experience. Though we exist to serve as many students as possible, it is important to recognize that virtual learning should not be viewed as the “easy way” out. Virtual classes take the same amount of time as their in-person counterparts. They require daily attention and effort. The value of asynchronous learning is in the students’ ability to decide when and where to engage in his or her classes. 

Whether students are seeking a full-time virtual option or simply wishing to take one or two virtual classes, TVA can serve their needs. We offer three pathways for students to choose from.

  • FULL-TIME: TVA currently offers 55 online classes. This includes all core subject requirements and honors options. We offer CTE courses in business, coding, digital arts, criminal justice, and work-based learning. In addition to our own catalog of classes, TVA students have access to fourteen AP courses thanks to the Tennessee AP Access for All Program. Students are able to complete 100% of their classes required for graduation through online courses. Full-time TVA students have access to all THS clubs and extracurricular activities. Student athletes should be aware that choosing to enroll full-time at TVA will affect their TSSAA eligibility. These students may want to consider our FLEX option.
  • FLEX: This program offers the most flexibility and choice for all students. The FLEX program allows students, regardless of whether they are TVA FLEX or THS FLEX, to customize their schedule with a combination of in-person and virtual classes. A THS student can take as many as two virtual TVA classes without affecting a change in his or her enrollment. This is the best option for our student athletes who wish to benefit from online classes. 
  • PLUS ONE: Though THS works very hard to facilitate student course requests and attempts to design the master schedule so that course conflicts are rare, they sometimes happen. The Plus One option allows a student to take one additional virtual class during a semester. A student may want to utilize this option to free up space in his or her schedule for a class they wouldn't normally be able to take due to scheduling conflicts, or they may do this simply to get ahead on credits. Students are advised to carefully consider their existing workload before taking on an additional class for a semester.



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