Athletic Eligibility

Tullahoma Virtual Academy co-ops with Tullahoma High School for all school-sponsored and TSSAA sports. Virtual students can play sports. However, it’s important that student-athletes understand the policies related to virtual schools that may affect their eligibility for TSSAA sports. The policies that affect eligibility are related to changes in enrollment. State policy requires students to be enrolled in the school where they are registered for the majority of their classes. As Tullahoma High School and Tullahoma Virtual Academy students are required to take (4) classes each semester, students can register for as many as (2) TVA online classes per semester without affecting an enrollment change. If a student chooses to register for (3) or more TVA online classes per semester, a transfer of enrollment to TVA is required.

  • Tullahoma high school students engaging in as many as (2) TVA online courses per semester through the THS-FLEX program will not experience any pause in their eligibility to participate in TSSAA sports. 
  • Tullahoma High School students or high school age students who are not rostered for a TSSAA sport, meaning they did not play during the most recent season, may transfer to TVA and be eligible to participate in TSSAA sports without any pause in their eligibility.
  • Students who are currently rostered for a TSSAA sport and who choose to engage primarily in TVA online courses and transfer their enrollment to TVA will lose one year of eligibility for the TSSAA sport they are rostered for.